Improving Your Customer Service: What You Can Learn from Buying Your First House

Improving your customer service and buying your first house. Two worlds that seem miles apart. Or so it appears. The challenges they bring are surprisingly similar. Chaos and frustration are the result if you don’t approach it the right way. And that’s a shame, because improving your customer service isn’t that difficult!

Remember buying your first house? Enthusiastically browsing real estate websites, you find your dream home. Unaware of what lies ahead, you’re convinced, “I can handle this!” But every time, you miss out on bidding. And that’s just a small part of the whole process where things can go wrong…

Vincent Doesn’t Understand the Housing Market

Vincent also gets increasingly entangled. Frustrated to the core, he has to admit he has no idea what he’s doing. How does the housing market actually work? Is that charming house worth the money, or is it a fixer-upper? What’s a smart bid? What about all the paperwork, building inspections, and complicated legal jargon? Maybe hire a real estate agent? HELLO! Have you seen the cost?

Do You Understand Customer Service?

Entrepreneurs who started full of energy might recognize Vincent’s frustration. You thought: great, I’ll sell my product or service. Suddenly, customers start calling with questions or complaints. Without much thought, you hastily set up a customer service. And that, while you were already quite busy. You didn’t take the time for a clear structure or strategy. How does the whole customer service game work?

Customer Service Chaos

How do I set up a customer service? How do I manage it? What tools should you acquire to provide good service? How do I smartly set up systems? Do we need more staff, or are we just not doing things efficiently, which makes us super busy? What are our contact volumes? How do you set up a good process flow? How do we manage everything operationally? Maybe hire some expertise? HELLO! Have you seen the cost?

Both situations can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unprepared.


Vincent finally decided to hire that real estate agent. WHAT A RELIEF! Had he known it would bring so much benefit, he would have done it from the start. Step by step, he gets the right guidance for everything that comes his way when buying a house. It brings him peace and his dream home. More importantly, next time he knows exactly what to expect and what steps to take. Expensive? Absolutely not. This one-time investment pays off for the rest of his life.

Experienced Help

So hey, you there, struggling with improving your customer service? If you have no idea how customer contact processes should be structured, what tools are needed, whether you need more staff, what the costs are, and more importantly, the benefits of your investments, if you’re making smart choices that will still be useful in two years, and how to manage everything efficiently? It helps to hire someone who’s been through this before. Then you don’t have to make the mistakes I once made. It saves you a lot of chaos, time, and frustration!

Improving Customer Service: Practical Tips

If you want to buy a house, you can find lots of tips online after a long search. Reading all those tips? That takes time, which you probably don’t have. So, how great is it if you get it all handed to you on a silver platter?

Want to improve customer contact? With these 7 steps, you can get started today!

Here are my tips for improving your customer service. And if you think: Great tips, but I’d rather hire a ‘customer contact expert’ with knowledge? You know where to find me.

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