Ziptone Column May 2024: This is Why Every Customer Contact Center Needs a Tradwife

This column was published on Ziptone on May 17, 2024.

Are you struggling to find suitable staff for your Customer Contact Center? Try looking in a completely new direction: She aims for 100% C-SAT.

A tradwife is predominantly a young, Western woman who not only fervently supports the traditional gender roles but also practices them with full conviction. Men hunt the mammoths and carve the Sunday roast prepared by the lady of the house, who also takes on all other household and caregiving tasks.

Perfectly Polished

So much for the trip back to the 1950s. What sets tradwives apart from the traditional housewife is that they choose this lifestyle voluntarily and also have a career. They create social media content about how they perform household tasks. Impeccably dressed, with perfectly styled hair and makeup.

The children of tradwife Nara Smith wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Don’t think that Nara will be wearing worn-out sweatpants, or even have her hair in a messy bun. You won’t see her begrudgingly put a slice of store-bought cheese between two pieces of bread into the sandwich maker. No, the tradwife bakes her own sourdough bread, turns a liter of milk and some vinegar into mozzarella, makes pesto from scratch, prepares homemade herb butter, and fries the sandwich in a skillet.

You won’t find packaged or microwave meals in the organized kitchen cabinets of a tradwife. Her life’s mission is to cook healthy, nutritious meals for her husband, children, and herself (in that order), without additives, preservatives, or vaccinations. She’s happy to spend 14 hours a day in the kitchen, camera at the ready, talking to her millions of followers.

The Tradwife Aims for 100% C-SAT

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the tradwife would work with a typewriter in a customer contact environment. She loves new technologies, tools, and gadgets. Ordered items are unpacked, tested, pros and cons discussed, and usage demonstrated under the watchful eye of her millions of followers. The tradwife won’t forget to communicate or inform others: she takes her audience through every step and carefully documents it. Sharing knowledge is her forte. She caters to the needs of her internal customers, aims for 100% C-SAT, and ensures a fantastic work-life balance.

Until the husband returns from mammoth hunting, that is, because the house must be spotless.

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