Interim Management

When the cat’s away… I’ll take care of your customer contact team.

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Are you in need of temporary leadership for your customer contact team?

It can suddenly happen.Maternity leave, (un) expected goodbyes, long-term absence, or you just haven’t found the right person to fulfill the Head of Customer Contact role.

You suddenly realize that you won’t have a manager for your customer contact department in the upcoming period. As the (final) responsible person of a customer contact department, you know how important it is to have the right knowledge and expertise in this position. Operating without a manager is not an option, as the team will not function or develop sufficiently.

That’s why you see this temporary absence as an opportunity to implement improvements. A fresh and critical look at the processes. Or a new approach to old problems. You’re looking for a professional who can hit the ground running and start working for you immediately. Someone who helps you to sustainably improve and manage your customer service, within a few months.

That’s what I’m here to help you with.

What would it mean for you and your team if you...

✔︎ Being able to ensure continuity for the team during the temporary absence of the manager?
✔︎ ✔︎ At the same time, you can work on sustainable and structural improvements to the team?
✔︎ Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary contact moments between the customer and your organizati

I help you by temporarily managing the customer contact team and implementing sustainable improvements within a few months.

Hi! I am Cynthia: expert in leadership of customer contact teams.

Since 2006, I have helped several national and international million-dollar companies to improve their customer contact departments. Brands I have worked with include Flinndal, MessageBird, NMBRS, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network, and Budget Thuis, where I implemented various changes in leadership, team dynamics, processes, and methodologies.

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

In late 2022, I founded The Caring Company and have been advising companies to make sustainable changes to improve their customer contact teams.

Committed and accessible

I am highly accessible and committed to getting the best out of your team.

17+ years of experience

In improving customer contact teams in terms of leadership, team dynamics, processes and practices.

Manager of the year

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

Interim Management

What can you expect from our collaboration?


Working in customer contact means working with people, through people, for people. A successful leader understands what motivates or discourages people. I am a people-oriented leader who enjoys challenging and motivating my team, advocating autonomy. I am visible, approachable, and present - both from home and in the office.


Customers and employees benefit from clear and efficient processes that make everyone's lives easier. I enjoy identifying inefficiencies and designing solutions that can be easily implemented. I also provide clear business cases that weigh the pros and cons, making it easy for you to gain support within the organization.


Nobody likes to waste money. Whether it's investing in an interim manager or demonstrating the value of the work your customer contact team performs, by making it visible. I help you save money by improving your team and optimizing processes.

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What are the results of Interim Management?

✔︎ At the end of the Interim Management trajectory, you have a satisfied and healthy customer contact team.
✔︎ Additionally, you receive concrete recommendations to improve your customer contact team even more;
✔︎ At least one recommendation has been implemented in the customer contact operation.
✔︎ You can achieve concrete improvements in customer satisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, and costs related to your customer contact team.
✔︎ You have tools and insights to lead your customer content team forward in success;

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Do you want to improve your team, but you lack the expertise and experience in-house to solve the bottlenecks?

✔︎ In 3-6 months, continuity and optimization for your customer contact team.

✔︎ Hybrid support, both from your location and remote;

✔︎ Always customized, always transparent about investment and results

✔︎ Aftercare: After the assignment, I will be available for your organization for 45 minutes per week for months for sparring, coaching, or mentoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interim management is customized, so you will receive a tailored quote once the duration and scope of the assignment are clear.

This depends on when you expect to have a permanent replacement for the position. The starting point for interim management is a duration of 3-6 months.

I help you in two ways: with continuity and optimization. Continuity is crucial for the team, especially in turbulent times when the manager is absent. At the same time, my temporary presence offers a unique opportunity to implement optimizations. For example, in processes, tools, employee development, or collaboration with other departments.

At the start of the Consultancy Program, we determine the desired goals so that you have clear advice and practical steps to achieve the desired result at the end of the process.
I base my advice not only on my expertise and experience, but also on an extensive network of experts whose knowledge and skills I can use to achieve the set result. In addition, in the three months following the delivery of the Advisory Report, you can continue to book weekly 45-minute calls for questions, sparring, coaching, or mentoring to ensure the outcome of the process.

During the interim trajectory, I gather all the recommendations I have for you to continue improving your team. Throughout the trajectory, I implement at least one recommendation. The rest I provide to you.

We have solutions for that, too! There are changes that I can implement for you myself, in a consultancy program. For example, when it comes to process changes within the department. Is external help needed, for example, from outside the team or the company? Then I can help by leading or directing the process Or by finding the right specific expertise within my broad network.

I can manage various types of departments. For example, customer contact departments with employees who are in-house or partially outsourced. The size of the team doesn’t matter. I have expertise with in-house as well as outsourced and offshored teams, both B2B and B2C, across start-ups, scale-ups, multinationals, and national and international teams. Still have questions if your specific situation applies? Book a free match call and we’ll discuss your situation!

You can fill in this call in several ways. For example, to spar, ask for brief advice, or present a case. I can read along with vacancy texts. But you can also use this call as coaching for managers or employees in the team.

You can fill it in as it suits your needs. Three times fifteen minutes? An hour and a half every other week? Or do you prefer a workshop or training? We’ll make sure to tailor it to your needs.

You can also opt for a training or a workshop, according to your needs If you choose to leave After Care out of the Consultancy Program, I will adjust this in the quotation.

During the introductory meeting, we’ll determine which goals you want to achieve. Based on that, I can indicate what input is expected from you. I will bring my own laptop, so please don’t worry about that for me.

I can work at your location or from my own office. This is done in consultation and depends on what is needed to optimally manage the team. Special requests regarding location (within the Netherlands or worldwide) That’s not a problem at all; we’ll discuss this before starting the assignment.