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Hi! I am Cynthia: expert in leadership of customer contact teams.

Since 2006 I have helped several national and international million-dollar companies to improve their customer contact departments. Brands I have worked with include Flinndal, MessageBird, NMBRS, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network, and Budget Thuis At all these companies, I implemented various changes in leadership, team dynamics, processes, and practices.

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

In late 2022, I founded The Caring Company and have been advising companies to make sustainable changes to improve their customer contact teams.

Having managed hundreds of employees from different cultures and generations, each with their own perspective, motivation, background, and values, I know exactly how best to deal with these differences within teams.

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Background in Applied Neuroscience in Child and Educational Studies

I have a background in Applied Neuroscience and Pedagogical Sciences This gives me extensive scientific knowledge of human development, and I know how to translate theory into practice.

I combine my analytical, people-oriented background with my years of experience working in customer contact departments I started my career in customer contact in 2006 as a customer service agent as a side job alongside my studies. Within no time, I was promoted to a leadership position and developed into a team leader, manager, and Director of Customer Care.

From my broad experience and background, I have developed a clear vision of how a customer contact department can be the best place within an organization for (young) talent to grow, prosper, and develop. I love innovations and automation but never lose sight of the human aspect.

Curious about my vision? I’ve shared it in several keynotes, podcasts, presentations, and webinars. I have also served on a number of award panels as a judge.

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Did you already know this about me?

  • I once made a career move into Finance & Compliance
  • Because of my half-Croatian background, I was raised bilingual. This allows me to learn languages easily and I can make myself understood in six languages.
  • Actually, I speak more English than Dutch, in daily life.
  • I started out as an agent and I still enjoy doing customer contact work.
  • Besides my work for The Caring Company, I am also a member of the advisory board of Frankwatching Conversational Conference, and I write columns for Ziptone.
  • I really enjoy making beautiful and creative PowerPoint presentations.

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