Workshop "The Generation Guide":
The Key to Successful Leadership in a Diverse World

Learn how to flawlessly understand and address the needs of all generations in your team. 

Have you had sleepless nights since the arrival of Generation Z in your team because of the skyrocketing absenteeism and employee turnover?  

Don't worry, you are not alone. In fact, it is the most common complaint among customer contact managers in 2023. As baby boomers exit the workforce, Generation Z takes their place with different desires and needs that Millennials, Pragmatists, or Gen X leaders have a hard time understanding. But you see clear as day that higher absenteeism and a rapid turnover within your team, come at the expense of quality, service, and budget.

Customer contact leadership starts with understanding people. If you can do that successfully, you'll quickly grasp how to deal with the differences between people, including across generations, and how to prepare your customer contact department for the future.

This is where I can help you, with the workshop "The Generation Guide: The Key to Successful Leadership in a Diverse World". In this workshop, based on five scientific theories, I teach you how to recognize and understand differences between generations and how to apply this knowledge in your daily leadership. It helps you to reduce absenteeism and turnover and elevate your team's performance!

What would it mean for you if... 

  • Your team functioned better because you as a leader understood them completely?
  • You solved problems such as turnover and absenteeism in a sustainable way?
  • You understand what it takes to be ready when Generation Alpha enters the labor market?

After following this workshop, you will know how to deal with the differences between generations and how to prepare your customer contact department for the future.

Hi! I am Cynthia: expert in leadership of customer contact teams.

Since 2006, I have helped several national and international million-dollar companies to improve their customer contact departments. Brands I have worked with include Flinndal, MessageBird, NMBRS, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network, and Budget Thuis, where I implemented various changes in leadership, team dynamics, processes, and methodologies.  

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

In late 2022, I founded The Caring Company, where I help companies improve their customer contact teams by implementing sustainable changes. 

17+ years of experience

In improving customer contact teams in terms of leadership, team dynamics, processes, and practices.

Manager of the Year

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year. 

Committed & accessible

My collaborative partners see me as highly accessible and committed to getting the best out of your team.

Workshop "The Generation Guide":
The Key to Successful Leadership in a Diverse World. 

How to recognize and differentiate the generations

Boomers, Gen X, Pragmatists, Millennials, Gen Z, and soon Gen Alpha. What is typical about the way these generations think and act? And what does this mean in the workplace?

How are these differences caused?

Which mechanisms influence the development of people and generations, and how can you respond to this as a leader?

Predicting how future generations will unfold 

We put what we have learned into practice with the Generation Alpha predictor. What will this generation look like in the workplace, and how can you already start to prepare your team today?

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is suitable for anyone in a leadership position within a customer contact department. Or for anyone who has different generations on the team and has sleepless nights because of the brain-teasers it creates.

Think of:

  • Team leaders 

  • Customer service managers 

  • Customer care leaders 

  • Head of customer support 

  • Customer contact supervisors 

Don't work within customer contact, but recognize the challenges and are looking for a solution? You are welcome to participate!

What will you take home with you? 

  • You understand what developments in economics, society, and developmental psychology contribute to the formation of people within a generation;
  • You know some critical theories about human development and how they are relevant to you as a leader;
  • You have more tools to be able to lead a diverse team, including with different generations;
  • You not only know how to understand current generations, but also how to be ready for future generations in the workforce.

Book your spot for the workshop: 

€ 199

  • Total duration is approximately 4 hours
  • At a central location (Hoofddorp), great to reach by public transport and car (discounted parking fee)
  • Maximum group size is 10 participants
  • Includes 30-minute Teams call within two weeks after the workshop to discuss your questions, personal needs, and bottlenecks

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the primary language of the workshop?
Currently, It is only available in Dutch. Are you not able to join the Dutch-spoken workshop? Please get in touch through the contact page! We can find a solution or organize different date(s) for an English workshop.

• How do I know my investment will pay off?
During this workshop, you will not only learn scientific theories that are important for you as a leader to understand the individuals on your team better, but also how to apply them in your leadership. The application will be practiced directly with the group during the closing exercise. You will receive key takeaways to take home, and you will have the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute personal call within two weeks of the workshop to discuss your questions.

• What exactly is the agenda?
The workshop lasts 4.5 hours (including breaks and introductions) and consists of four parts. First, I take you through generations, the differences between them, and which five pillars explain the differences between generations. I explain this using scientific theories, stories, videos, interviews, and vivid examples. Then, I teach you five personas so you can easily remember and distinguish between generations. We conclude with the Generation Alpha predictor, allowing you to put what you've learned into practice immediately.

• Is the workshop also suitable for our department?

The workshop is designed for managers within customer contact and (end) responsible for the customer contact department. Do you recognize the challenges within your team, but you are not working in the field of customer contact? No problem! You are welcome to participate. Do you still have doubts? Book a free call to discuss your concerns!

• Can I come with more than one colleague?

You can! The workshop is interactive; therefore, the maximum group size is 10 participants.

• Can this workshop also be held at our location?
Rather in-company? That is certainly possible! The investment is then €2475 (ex VAT). Book a complimentary call to discuss the requirements, date, and location for your team.

• Can I also follow this workshop online?
The workshop is on location, there is no possibility to join (partly) online. Have you signed up but are unable to attend? Don't hesitate to contact us to rebook your reserved spot to another date.

• Are there locations other than just Hoofddorp?
Currently, the options are to follow the workshop in Hoofddorp or in-company.

• When do I have to pay?

After registration, you will receive an email with the invoice. Payment should be completed within 5 days, but by one week before the workshop.

• Do I need to prepare anything?

You do not need to do any preparatory exercises.

• What if I am not an (experienced) manager?

No problem! The workshop is designed to be easy to follow for everyone, regardless of function or background. So you are welcome to participate!

• Is food and drink included?
The workshop includes drinks (coffee, tea) and snacks.