The CCMA Board on the organization of the National Customer Contact Week by Cynthia

The Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) organizes the National Customer Contact Week every year. During this week, customer contact managers ensure that the very valuable work of all customer contact employees is given extra attention and recognition is given to the thousands of customer contact employees.

The CCMA board speaks about their collaboration with Cynthia:

For several years now, the CCMA board has been organizing the National Customer Contact Week (NKW). The event focuses on motivating managers to make it a great week for and with their teams. The board sees this as an opportunity to bring our target group, colleagues, closer together. And how wonderful is it that you offer thousands of people a much more enjoyable week than the average workweek?


The CCMA board consists entirely of volunteers who are keen on connecting and inspiring colleagues within customer contact. Organizing an event like the NKW requires a lot of action and organization. Due to a challenge on the organizational side, there was a problem getting the project off the ground this year. And that’s why we are so glad that Cynthia came on our radar and approached this whole project very professionally. We really felt relieved.

External sponsors for the first time

For the board, it was extra important this year that everything was perfectly arranged around this week. It was the first time we worked with external sponsors. And it is very logical that they want to see what their investment yields. Here you also see Cynthia’s professionalism. For example, how she handles meetings with the sponsors. We were also able to use her knowledge and skills for other matters.

A smarter board

Her knowledge of data was also very useful. For example, she analyzed social media posts: which ones are successful, which ones are less so, and why? These kinds of things make our board smarter. Furthermore, Cynthia is quite a jack-of-all-trades with a lot of creativity.

For instance, there are now email templates, we have supplied various press releases to the media (instead of asking them to write something about this week), posters have been developed – even in English – and she has contributed ideas to the contest element during the week. Such a contest element is just a lot of fun. It also works well for the visibility of the event. Because announcing a winner is another good reason for extra exposure. In that respect, we as the board look back on a successful NKW!

“No matter how fun the National Customer Contact Week is, organizing an event also requires a certain toughness. And if things went wrong? Then Cynthia is not afraid to speak up.”

– The CCMA Board

What is success?

The definition of success is, of course, different for everyone. For us, it meant that this year 55 companies participated – a few years ago it could be counted on three hands. In addition to this growth, there were also really large companies like Eneco, ABN Amro, KPN, and several facility contact centers. In this way, you really reach a lot of people. That’s what we do it for and that makes us look back on great success as a board!

This customer story was created through an interview. Judith de Jong conducted the interview and wrote this article. For more information about Judith, visit her website.

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