Registration for National Customer Contact Week is open

This article about National Customer Contact Week appeared on Ziptone on February 15, 2024.

The CCMA once again draws attention to National Customer Contact Week, which this year takes place from April 15 to April 19. During National Customer Contact Week, customer contact employees are put in the spotlight.

According to the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA), the platform aimed at connecting customer contact professionals, National Customer Contact Week is intended to highlight the work of customer contact employees and give recognition to the thousands of employees in customer contact.

During National Customer Contact Week, the work of customer contact employees takes center stage; the idea is that customer contact employees also receive extra attention within their organization. To give this work extra attention, various activities are organized, and customer contact employees can win prizes. Each participant can choose how they want to put their customer contact employees in the spotlight that week and decide on the budget for it. Inspiration for activities (for various budgets) is available on the CCMA website.

After registration, companies or teams can participate in various challenges. Participation in the program is optional, and it is also perfectly fine to create your own interpretation of the week. The CCMA supports registered organizations to make National Customer Contact Week a great success. As in previous years, all the beautiful and creative initiatives are shared by participants and the organization on Instagram, LinkedIn, and the CCMA website. The jury watches (online) and visits the winners on Friday, April 19, to present the prize.

Other Sponsors

So far, Yource has been the main sponsor of National Customer Contact Week, but the baton has been passed to SUSA, Randstad, and Custom Connect. With the expansion of the number of sponsors, the organization of NCCW can grow further, and there will be more winners at the end of NCCW, according to the CCMA.

The organization of NCCW is in the hands of Cynthia Mak, CCMA Manager of the Year 2021 and founder/owner of The Caring Company. (Ziptone/CCMA)

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