Guide for the sustainable improvement of your customer contact operation.

Follow 5 clear steps from this guidebook to discover how you will only need 3–6 months to sustainably improve your customer contact operation. Please fill in your details below, and you will receive the guide for free in your mailbox.

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To you, it is clear as it can be: the current customer contact operations need improvement. However, you are currently lacking the internal expertise to lead and implement these improvements.

You are (ultimately) responsible for the department that handles the customer contact: customer service, customer care, customer service, or support. This department has come under your care because it’s not performing well, and you know better than anyone else how to successfully lead departments, as you’ve already proven in your career!

Yet, you find it difficult to get a grip on what is happening within the customer contact department. You have never led a customer service department before.

Many customer contact departments struggle with the same thing and often run into one or more of these issues:

  • Cost is exceeding the budget
  • Staff absenteeism and turnover is high
  • Customer satisfaction is not on target, and you see a lot of online complaints

The department’s managers were promoted to their roles and thus have a lot of substantive knowledge, but they lack seniority. You suspect that the work processes could be much more efficient, but you’re not quite sure.

I believe that within 3-6 months you can realize big steps in improving your customer contact operation. Following the 5 clear steps, you can start improving today! I’d be happy to share these steps with you in this guide!

Hi! I'm Cynthia: expert in leadership of customer contact teams

Since 2006, I have been (ultimately) in charge of customer contact teams and I have helped numerous national and international multi-billion dollar companies to improve their customer contact department. Brands I have worked with include Flinndal, MessageBird, NMBRS, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network and Budget Thuis. At all these companies, I implemented various changes in leadership, team dynamics, processes, and practices.

In 2021, I was awarded Manager of the Year by the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA).

In late 2022, I founded The Caring Company, where I advise companies on making sustainable changes to improve their customer contact teams.

I developed this guidebook, that will help you sustainably improve your customer contact operation. You will discover how to improve your customer contact operation with 5 clear steps within 3-6 months. Fill in your details below and you will receive the guide for free in your mailbox.

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