Customer Stories

This is how Jeroen Kuiper from enviolo experienced the collaboration.

Since September 2023, Jeroen Kuiper has been responsible for quality and supplier management at enviolo,

an innovative company specializing in bicycle transmission systems. Facing significant challenges in their warranty and goodwill processes,

Jeroen and Cynthia initiated an improvement project that led to impressive enhancements and stronger service to bike makers and manufacturers worldwide.

Wout Hut from Budget Thuis shares his experiences.

Wout Hut is the Chief Operations Officer at Budget Thuis.

This Dutch company focuses on providing services such as energy, internet, TV, and mobile telephony, aiming to offer cost-saving solutions for their customers.

How did Wout experience working with Cynthia during the nine months she was employed as the interim telecom operations manager?

Nationale Klantcontact Week 2024 x The Caring Company

In 2024, Cynthia organized the Dutch National Customer Contact Week with The Caring Company.

During this week, not only is the customer contact profession highlighted, but all employees are also given significant recognition.

The National Customer Contact Week is an initiative of the CCMA (Customer Contact Management Association). How did the CCMA experience the collaboration with The Caring Company?

Read all about it in this interview!

The Caring Company has worked for:

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