The Caring Company is founded by Cynthia Mak: an expert in the field of customer contact leadership. Cynthia has been leading Customer Contact teams since 2006 and has worked with a wide variety of brands, including MessageBird, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network, and NMBRS. Her experience expands over B2B, B2C, SaaS, e-commerce, media, leisure, and fashion. 

With a degree in applied neuroscience and her hands-on experience in customer care, her career expands over several industries including e-commerce, SaaS, fashion, leisure, and telecom. Cynthia started her professional life in customer contact as an agent, during her studies, and worked her way up to be rewarded Manager of the Year by the Customer Contact Management Association in 2021.

Tapping into her diverse experiences and backgrounds, Cynthia has a clear vision of how any customer-facing department should be the most rewarding working environment for (young) talent to blossom, develop, and grow. She loves to innovate and automate, but always puts humans first in everything she does.

Cynthia has been sharing her vision in numerous keynotes, podcasts, presentations, and webinars. Additionally, she has taken seats in several award panels as a judge.


Mariel dommering

Founder/Owner at Locus Quest

I have come to know Cynthia as an innovator in the support industry. She is very informed, well-read, and passionate about all new trends and opportunities the support landscape has to offer. Never afraid to try something new or different if the standard road doesn't work.
Working together with Cynthia is a great experience. She is generous with her knowledge, unafraid to share her valuable opinions, and makes herself available so that you can set and achieve goals together.

wim boonstra

Economist at RaboResearch

I worked with Cynthia in the board of the KLIN foundation. She turned out to be a highly effective colleague. Cynthia is very efficient and highly intelligent, she brings a lot of original ideas and energy and is a great team player. It really is a pleasure to work with her.

emelie ahlström

People Business Partner at BESTSELLER

I worked with Cynthia at BESTSELLER supporting her with People related matters. Cynthia has a talent for seeing what her colleagues need, and when they need it, while always taking a fair approach. She was always on top of the people processes and wasn't scared to ask for support in time. She had a proactive approach to people management, which was highly appreciated by the People team.

jeroen kuypers

Hybrid Manager

It's been several years since we worked together, but Cynthia is an absolute authority on customer service and leadership. Under her supervision, there was always a good ambiance within our team, The noses were always in the same direction and there was never any hostility, competition, or other forms of tension in the workplace. But at the same time, she managed to give her team members the confidence and autonomy to carry out their work in their own way. To this day, I still use techniques in my own work, which are inspired by Cynthia's leadership methods.



Randstad (NL)