Change Management Consultant for Customer Contact Teams

I help you lower employee turnover, absence rates, and staffing costs by implementing a sustainable customer contact strategy.

17 + years of experience

In improving customer contact teams in
terms of leadership, team dynamics, processes, and practices.

Manager of the Year

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

Accessible and commited

My collaborative partners see me as highly accessible and committed to getting the best out of your team.

Achieving your customer service KPIs structurally, without sacrificing the job satisfaction of your team?  

For many companies, the customer contact department is a necessary evil. It is often thought that this department, by definition, costs money and does not directly generate revenue. Research has shown that good customer service directly affects long-term revenue. For example, good customer service affects purchase choice and positively impacts buying behavior. With a good customer contact strategy and a vision for your customer contact team, you will turn your customer contact department into a valuable, efficient, and effective department that contributes positively to business goals.

As an experienced change management consultant for customer contact teams, I help you with a practical for the long term, so that you achieve results in the form of less turnover, less absenteeism and lower personnel costs, without compromising the job satisfaction of your team.

How can I help you?

Consultancy Program
Customer Contact Strategy

 I will help you with a custom-made long-term strategy to make your
customer contact department shine in all areas.

The Generation Guide

After following this workshop you will understand how to lead different generations in your team, so that you get more results.

Hi! I am Cynthia: expert in leadership of customer contact teams. 

Since 2006, I have helped several national and international million-dollar companies to improve their customer contact departments. Brands I have worked with include Flinndal, MessageBird, NMBRS, BESTSELLER, Talpa Network, and Budget Thuis, where I implemented various changes in leadership, team dynamics, processes, and methodologies.  

In 2021, the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) awarded me Manager of the Year.

In late 2022, I founded The Caring Company, where I help companies improve their customer contact teams by implementing sustainable changes. 

The Caring Company has worked with brands including:

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